3 Important Tasks Homeowners Should Remember

From making the bed to mowing the lawn, most homeowners have a routine established for common chores. While a stack of dishes or a jungle of weeds serve as a visual reminder to get certain things done, there are other tasks that are just as important that need to be performed on a regular basis to prevent future issues

1. Flush Hot Water Tanks

Most people step into a hot shower and let their minds wander. Although the shower can be a great place to dream up new ideas or ponder the universe, it should also cause homeowners to remember to maintain their hot water heaters. Both traditional and tankless water heaters in San Ramon CA need regular maintenance to stay at peak performance. Neglecting to keep up a hot water heater can lead to unexpected cold showers and expensive repair costs.

2. Inspect Roofs and Gutters

Cleaning out the gutters should be done at least twice a year, or more if a blockage occurs. This can also be an ideal time to inspect the roof for damage. It can be easy to forget to take care of the gutters or roof, which can allow problems to fester, and by the time an issue is detected, water has usually seeped into the house and caused a lot of damage.

3. Check Drains and Faucets

A leaky faucet can result in an annoying dripping sound, along with higher water bills. Installing a new washer is normally a quick and easy fix, although a plumber can help diagnose the issue. Keeping the dishwasher clean and in good condition can prevent leaks and the buildup of food or other materials. Regularly cleaning drains will reduce or stop bad odors and the likelihood of drain flies.

Concentrating on the normal daily tasks involved in running a household is important, but it is also a good idea to ensure other chores are not neglected. Creating a schedule is an excellent way to be sure nothing will get missed.…

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3 Steps to Planting Grass in Your Yard

If you are tired of gazing out into your yard and seeing a yard that hardly resembles grass, then it might be time to re-think your lawn. Lawn and turf seeds Kissimmee FL are widely available and can cure those ugly dirt patches and dead grass, leaving your lawn looking picturesque and green all year long if done right.

Here are 3 easy steps to planting grass in your yard to give it that luster you’ve always wanted.

The Right Seed Is Key

While it may be tempting to just go for the budget option, a great lawn can only be grown from the best seeds. Look for seeds that have been evaluated by the National Turf Evaluation Program to ensure that you are buying seeds bred specifically for their color and perennial longevity.

Prep the Soil

There are two methods to preparing the soil for seeding, the difference between the two is whether you are seeding over an existing lawn, or planting a new lawn.

For an existing lawn, mow the grass as short as you can and loosen the top 1/4 inch of soil in dirt patches. Fertilize the bare spots after seeding.

For new lawns, loosen the top 3 inches with a tilling machine and level the low areas where water can collect.

Plant the Seed

Now that most of the work is over, spread the seeds evenly throughout by hand or with a mechanical spreader. Make sure there are roughly 16 seeds per square inch covering the lawn. Once you’ve spread all the seeds, lightly drag some soil over them so that no more than 1/4 inch covers the seeds. Water often, but don’t saturate!

In conclusion, remember that your lawn will only be as good as the seed you buy and the amount of care you take in planting.…

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