A Perfect Fit: Bespoke and Customized Furniture Pieces from Bellavista Collection

Bellavista Collection, a recognized producer of Italian luxury furniture, has always strived to satisfy needs of every its customer. It isn’t easy, though. People’s preferences vary, when it comes to the design and sizes of furniture pieces, not to mention the materials they are made of. Nevertheless, Bellavista brand succeeds in giving everyone what they want. How does the brand manage it?

Multiple Options, Plenty of Choices

To begin with, almost any piece from Bellavista Collection comes in lots of variants. They may differ in size, materials and finishes; some may come with or without particular optional details. For upholstered pieces, multiple upholstery materials are offered as a rule. Such an approach allows customizing almost each of the brand’s pieces, so every customer gets the one, which exactly fits their needs.

If it’s a wooden piece, such as a table, there will surely be a list of species the wood could be veneered with. If you browse through product descriptions on Bellavista Collection’s website, you will notice that the brand’s craftsmen have about a dozen of preferred wood species. This set of favorites includes both common and exotic species. The most often used common species are oak and American walnut, both natural and stained. Staining these two species results in a great variety of differently-colored woods, giving Bellavista’s customers plenty of choices. These woods vary from honey-colored champagne-stained oak to dark brown moka stained oak and almost black Moka stained walnut. Besides, grey stained and smoke-stained oak give lovely greyish color, which looks really attractive. As to exotic species, Bellavista craftsmen favor the impressive texture of rosewood, chic-looking ebony, and a lovely shade of grey sukupira.  

Also, a gorgeous finish named ‘Bellavista Nuances’ for wooden parts was introduced in 2020.  It comes in two options – matte lacquered or glossy lacquered, with each of them offered in a variety of colors. To see what this finish is like, just open the web page with a description of CHAMPIGNON coffee table – and look at its tabletop.

Also, this finish was chosen for the cabinet and bar unit both named TREE. Their front doors bear an outline of a tree trunk (natural wood) against the unicolored background (Bellavista Nuances finish).

For items or details made of metal, there could be multiple finishes. Along with beautiful and highly versatile ‘antique bronze’, which definitely is the favorite finish in Bellavista, a number of other nice-looking finishes are available for many items. Each of these finishes is beautiful in its own way: elegant dark-colored ‘Nero Bellavista’ and ‘black patina’, glittering ‘silver leaf’ and ‘gold leaf’, and the novelty of 2020 – the bronzed finish named ‘castbronze’.

Sometimes finishes are refined by hand, which makes its color vary, adding a bit of vintage look and originality to the design. For example, take a look at the cast bronze structure of DALIA table lamp from the last collection. In addition to the gorgeous, unusual shape, resembling petals of some exotic flowers, the structure is available in two eye-catching finishes: castbronze and black patina, both applied by hand.  

If a furniture piece from Bellavista Collection is upholstered (e.g., a sofa, an armchair, a bench, a dining chair, etc.), in most cases it’s available in both leather and fabric. Needless to say, each of these options comes in a number of colors. In addition, there also is an opportunity to have the piece upholstered in some other material, if you provide it. With such an approach, customers can always get the very best upholstery for their armchairs and sofas.

What is more, many Bellavista’s pieces have additional components and features, available as an option. Marble inserts for tabletops, LED lighting with motion sensor for wardrobes and cabinets – these optional details widen the range of available variants even more.

By the way, all lighting fixtures from Bellavista come in two voltage options, namely: 110V / 60 HZ – for buyers from the USA and 220V/50 HZ – for European customers. Light bulbs are also often different – e.g., E26 for 110V and E27 for 220V.

When it comes to the size of Bellavista’s dining tables, sofas, beds, and other furniture pieces, many of them are available in a few variants. So, you will be able to create unique ensembles that will fit premises of any size, from a tiny studio to a large open plan apartment.

Made to order: Bespoke Pieces from Bellavista Brand

But what about having a piece designed and made for you from scratch? No problem!

Bellavista’s furniture makers gladly create bespoke items – I.e., exclusive ones, made according to the customer’s specifications. Attilio Zanni, the co-founder of the brand and the head of its design department, loves to create not only bespoke pieces, but also completely individual designs for homes, hotels, restaurants, etc. If you open the special section of the brand’s website named CASA BELLAVISTA Projects, you will see images of wonderful interiors, fully furnished with the pieces designed and manufactured in Bellavista Collection.

If you want something special, you are welcome to contact Bellavista Collection and explain what exactly you wish for. Even if you have just a vague idea of what it should look like, the team will help you create a dream of a furniture piece or a set of them.

Design gurus from Bellavista brand are able to create almost everything you may think of. Almost – because even the most brilliant designers are bound with the laws of physics. Some things are technically unachievable. For instance, it’s impossible to put a massive marble tabletop onto a weak base with a single thin leg. Also, if you want a really huge bed, designers will have to work out a special design, so that your bed will be strong enough.

So, Bellavista Collection is the right place to look for something truly unique. This brand will help you furnish your house or apartment with top quality and brilliantly designed furniture, lighting fixtures, boiserie, and other items that turn a building into a real home.

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