Get Your Florida Condo Ready for a Short-Term Lease

Short-term leases and Airbnb rentals are extremely popular throughout central and south Florida. They attract snow-birds, long term vacationers coming from abroad, and transitory workers who come in for the tourist season. Utilizing a property that you own for a short-term rental can make a supplement to your income. In order to get positive reviews and get good rates for your rental unit, you should make your it as well-suited as possible for short-term renters.

Swap Out Your Old Door Lock for a Keypad Door Lock

Keypads are becoming the preferred access method for many homes. They spare people from having to carry around keys that can become lost, and they save landlords from the trouble of having to make copies for tenants or change the locks when a tenant fails to return keys. If you need help to install a keypad door lock Orlando, choose a locksmith who is familiar with installing these types of locks and can walk you through some of the basics of using and reprogramming the keypad.

Use Floor Coverings and Linens That Are New But Not Valuable

People who are staying in furnished rentals like for things to seem fresh and new. If your items are older, you should consider replacing them for newer items. You should definitely replace items that are expensive. You don’t want a tenant who will be staying for only a month or two to cause damage to expensive items that can become stained or worn easily. If your unit’s floors have expensive rugs, you should replace them with some neat-looking area rugs from online retailers. Likewise, bed linens and towels shouldn’t be expensive. Instead they should be modest but relatively new. Newness will probably impress a tenant better than a fancy brand or designer.

Simple touches can make conducting short-term rentals easier. Take some of the worry out of the process in ways that will be affordable and make a positive impression on renters.

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