How To Prevent and Manage a Bed Bug Infestation at Your Home

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While an invasion of any kind of pest is enough to make your skin crawl, the thought of having bed bugs in your house may be especially troubling. Even if you have never encountered a bed bug, it isn’t hard to imagine what a nightmare it might be to deal with these mattress-dwelling critters. Consider a handful of tips that may help you avoid an infestation altogether or overcome one that has already begun.

Tips for Preventing an Infestation

Bed bugs Fort Myers tend to be rather skilled at hiding. These little pests are notorious for hanging out in bedding, but they can also settle into clothing, wallpaper, and suitcases. Unfortunately, bed bugs can go a long time without food, so items that have been out of use for weeks could still be infested.

One of the best ways to avoid bringing these insects into your home is to be very wary of any used furniture you purchase. Be sure to carefully inspect these items, looking for critters that are a quarter-inch long and a reddish-brown color. It’s also a good idea to put covers on your mattresses and to look over your luggage after returning from trips.

Tips for Eliminating an Infestation

Homeowners may notice signs of an infestation rather quickly because bed bugs tend to bite humans at night, leaving irritated bumps on the skin. Once you have physically seen the bed bugs, it is time to launch your attack. If you catch the problem quickly enough, you may be able to simply remove the infested piece of furniture or clothing. In many cases, however, homeowners must call in professional help to handle the issue. Exterminators can effectively resolve the problem using sprays, heat, and other techniques.

By taking a few precautions, your family may never have to suffer a bed bug infestation. If these pests ever do make their way into your home, remember not to panic. With the help of an exterminator, you will have your home back before you know it.

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