Preparing for a Hurricane

Fear Is Real': Chaplains Prepare as Dangerous Hurricane Florence Approaches

Severe storms have increased in number and strength in recent years, so it is a good idea to assess your property and make repairs before the next one hits. Being prepared can save you headaches, heartaches and money

Inspect Your Home and Grounds

The best place to start is where you are, so take a good look around your home, garage or boat dock for problem areas before the next big storm. Loose shingles or roof tiles, window reinforcements and dock repairs should be done before trouble starts. Contact a carpenter and Palm Beach County marine construction for advice and estimates on repairs.

Collect Important Papers

Buy a waterproof box and store important papers, family photos and valuable inside. It is easy to grab if you need to evacuate. If you have a safe, that is even better.

Take Photos of Property

Take pictures of your grounds and property, such as boats, cars or RVs, before a storm. This makes insurance claims much easier because you can prove the condition things were in before the storm if there is damage later.

Make a Family Storm Plan

Decide on evacuation routes and places to meet up if you need to leave and everyone isn’t together at the time. If you decide to ride out the storm, have a stock of non-perishable food on hand that doesn’t need to be cooked. Yes, you will probably get tired of tuna and peanut butter crackers, but it’s only for a few days. Don’t forget to buy extra batteries and candles, as well as several gallon jugs of water.

Cover the Windows

When a storm is approaching, you will want to cover the windows, so it is a good idea to have shutters and storm screens in place before the clouds roll in.

Secure Anything That Moves

Tie down anything that you can’t bring inside, especially boats. Bring your boat into a secure boathouse, anchor it and tie it to the dock or even bring it onto land and tie it down.

Strong storms are becoming more frequent. It is a good idea to prepare now for the next big blow.

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