3 Tips for Cleaning Out a House Before Selling

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There are plenty of reasons you have a big cleanup job before you can sell a home. Maybe you’ve lived there for decades and have things collected over that time. Alternately, you may find yourself selling the home of a loved one who passed away. Whatever the reasons, these tips can help you get the house cleaned out and in top shape before you put it on the market.

1. Assess and Sort Everything

Depending on your situation, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the sheer size of the job ahead. A great place to start is to assess what you have and sort it. Many people find using three categories — trash, donate/sell and keep — to be an effective strategy. Choose to tackle one room at a time also helps make it seem more manageable.

2. Schedule Pickups for Things You Won’t Keep

Once you have stuff sorted, you can begin to get rid of it. Check about sizing on dumpsters for cleanups Cincinnati to get rid of the trash. It is easier than dragging everything out to the curb and is a perfect solution for bulky or heavy items. You might consider hosting a yard sale for useable items or going ahead and seeing what charities in your area will send a truck to pick up donations. Then you can organize whatever is left, so the house is neat and tidy for potential buyers.

3. Call in Professionals When Necessary

Sometimes it makes more sense to hire a professional to come in and do a final cleaning or haul off old appliances than to do it yourself. However, even if you tackle the biggest portions on your own, it may be a good idea to have a home stager come in and set what is left up to put the house’s best foot forward.

Cleaning out a house can be a lot of work. Tackling the task in an organized fashion and calling in professional help when necessary will make it more manageable.

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