Essential Steps To Take While Living with Braces

The Importance of Regular Braces Appointments - McDonald Orthodontics

Do you wear braces? Have you just had them installed? There are some things that you need to know if you want to practice good oral hygiene. Braces sometimes serve as magnets that attract food more easily, and so you will have to always keep your teeth clean. If not, you could easily from cavities. It is important to brush your teeth after each meal, and take special care to remove any remaining food that has been retained between your braces.

Dental Floss

The use of dental floss is highly recommended in this case. It is the “super floss” of oral B, which are the easier and more practical ones to use in comparison to the common floss since it has a tip that facilitates access between your brackets, the wire of your treatment, and the tooth.

Special Orthodontic Brushes

You can also find the special brush for orthodontics that is designed for better access since it is narrower and the size of its intermediate bristles is shorter. This allows the brackets and their contour to be brushed, while its bristles on the edge brush the tooth. The interdental or interproximal brush will help you have excellent hygiene.

The Orthodontic Recommendations

It is highly recommended that when you go to your monthly dental appointment with your orthodontist, you bring your cleaning kit so that you can brush when the arches and wires are removed or changed. During orthodontic treatment, you do not have to follow a special diet, but, you must be careful or eliminate some foods that may cause a problem with your braces. You should avoid pork rinds, toast, and popcorn, hard or very sticky candies, and avoid biting things that are too harsh. Your orthodontist can guide you on what things to avoid eating. Remember to brush your teeth very well after each meal.

The Solution

If your braces come loose or you have any discomfort or doubts, it is necessary that you contact your orthodontist so that they can advise you and solve the problem. Sometimes the braces can be uncomfortable, but it is worth the sacrifice because when the braces are removed or during the treatment, you will be aware of the great changes to your appearance, and in the end, you will be able to look and appreciate your new beautiful, and healthier smile.


Since orthodontic braces exert pressure on your teeth, you may feel uncomfortable from time to time and even with little pain, especially after your dental appointment (orthodontic adjustments). You can take an anti-inflammatory or some over-the-counter medication for the pain, (Tylenol, Advil, or aspirin). Otherwise, visit your orthodontist, Lakewood Orthodontic Office on a regular basis so that you can maintain and enjoy your life with braces.

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